What are 3D Immersive Environments?

3D immersive (3DI) environments allow groups of people to fully ‘immerse’ themselves in a virtual room (environment) via their own personalised avatar. Both learners and trainers are able to interact and participate as if they were together in person.

Within these realistic and professional environments participants are able to:

  • Personalise and brand their meeting or training room
  • Upload and present content instantly
  • Collaborate on and amend content
  • Move around the room or enter other rooms
  • Role Play
  • Make eye content and interact with other participants
  • Gesticulate to demonstrate their engagement and interest
  • Break into teams within separate syndicate rooms

In the age of global workforces, remote teams and the need to ‘do more with less’ organisations are exploring ways in which to train and engage their people without compromising on quality. 3DI environments provide the effectiveness of face-to-face gatherings whilst maintaining all of the efficiency and practical benefits of meeting virtually.

Key Features of our 3DI environment include:

  • Automated setup - Sign-up is as fast as a web conferencing tool. Participants set their avatar profile and their avatar moves and acts like they would in the real world.
  • Photo realistic avatar – By uploading a photo, it maps to the avatars face, and people can see each other and identify colleagues instantly in a meeting. Avatars look just like their owners. No cartoons, no game characters.
  • Positional sound – By dragging the mouse left or right participants can scan the room and will see and hear people exactly as they are positioned in the room. This dramatically reduces audio fatigue experienced in typical audio and web conferences.
  • Integrated content – Ability to share documents, PowerPoint presentations, or browse the web whilst in the 3D room.
  • Ease-of-use – Participants are able to navigate around their 3D environment in minutes as there are no complicated menus or toolbars. Participants simply right click their mouse, and options such as “sit in this chair,” “walk over here,” “point at this person” appear.
  • Replicates the real world – Participants can be in Paris, London and New York in the same afternoon. Without any video equipment, individuals can conduct lifelike 3D meetings with colleagues and partners around the world. All that is required is a laptop, and either voice over IP, or any telephone line (standard dial-in like Web conferencing)

The 3D Immersive Platform Evolution for Revolution partners with is VenueGen. To find out more please contact us.

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